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Kevin Gravett

Starting at age 10, I grew up with a passion and love for motocross. I’ve had the privilege of racing with some of the world best racers. My goal is to apply my professional experience of racing and working in the Motocross industry to each of my customers.

Some of my accomplishments in my racing career

Winning GNC National at the age of 15

Placing in the top 5 in several National Competitions

Riding in the Pro Class at the age of 17

Motocross Mechanic

Spending a few years working with some of the best riders in the Supercross circuit gave me the experience needed to understand the needs of my customers resulting in awesome built machines customized to each one’s specifications. Here are some of the riders I worked with over the years.

Team Motosport Outlet 2001

  • Mechanic for
  • #179 Eric Vallejo
  • #81 Matt Shue
  • #76 Jeff Hedden

Team LCR 2002

  • Mechanic for
  • #54 Ryan Clark
  • #49 Keith Johnson
  • #757 Kevin Johnson

Team Maestro Suzuki 2005

  • Mechanic for
  • #125 Jeff Dement
  • #46 Clark Stiles
  • #380 Charles Ellis
  • #91 Josh Woods
  • #342 Kyle Williams.

Motocross Engine Modification Services

2 Stroke

  • Complete 2 Stroke Mod: (Dis-Re Assemble Engine, Mod Cylinder, Head, Carb, Cases)(does not include parts) ($1600.00)
  • Cylinder Mod (Deburring cylinder, Change port timing, polish exhaust) ($295.00)
  • Carburetor Mod ($85.00)
  • Cylinder Head Mod (Change Compression Ratio, Machine Combustion Chamber ($90.00)

4 Stroke

  • Complete 4 Stroke Mod: Dis-Re Assemble Engine/ Mod Head/ Cylinder/ Flywheel/ Carb(Includes Piston, Gaskets, and Valve Job) ($1750.00)
  • Works 4 Stroke Cylinder Head Mod (porting and flowing the head with detailed work in the combustion chamber) ($495.00)
  • 4 Stroke Cylinder Head (porting and flowing) ($295.00)
  • 4 Stroke Cylinder Mod (cutting and lapping base of cylinder) ($100.00)
  • Carburetor Mod ($85.00)
  • Complete Engine Rebuild (includes splitting cases) (does not include parts) ($450.00)
  • Cylinder Head Rebuild w/ Valve Job (does not include parts) ($125.00)
  • Ti Valves (DLC coated) ($175.00/ ea.)
  • Install Ceramic Bearings in Engine and Transmission ($750.00)
  • Works Titanium Valve Spring Retainers ($35.00/ ea.)

Motocross Suspension Modification Services


  • Revalve Forks (parts not included) ($175.00)
  • Rebuild Forks (parts not included) ($95.00)
  • Fork Seals ($53.95)
  • Fork Bushings (if needed) ($49.95)
  • Hard Anodize Upper Fork Tubes ($370.00/pr)
  • DLC Coating/Lower Sliders ($800.00)
  • Fork Springs (if needed) ($109.95)
  • Fork Pressure Springs ($45.00)


  • Revalve Shock (parts not included) ($175.00)
  • Rebuild Shock (parts not included) ($95.00)
  • Hard Anodize Shock Body ($150.00)
  • DLC Coating Shock Shaft ($275.00)
  • Install Works Pre Load Collars ($49.95)
  • Install Works Bladder Cap ($79.95)
  • HSC Adjuster Spring ($15.95)
  • Anodize Misc Shock Parts (Red/Blue) (adjuster, dust cap, retainer) ($95.00)

All Repairs and Maintenance Available Anywhere

I feel it is a benefit to my customers, having a mechanic that not only can build a fast reliable bike but also know the feel from a racing perspective.

From Simple Maintenance, Tuning, Parts, Apparel or Complete Engine & Suspension Rebuild, we are your one stop race shop in The Golden Triangle.With over 25 years combined riding and working experience, Gravett Racing, LLC is experienced, dedicated and ready to service all your motocross needs.

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